Use Packaging to Satisfy Consumers

packagingEven though creative, attractive packaging designs can catch a consumer’s eye and result in more sales, surprisingly that is not the most important packaging characteristic to consumers according to market studies. Instead, one of the most highly valued characteristics of product packaging to consumers is the protection and security of the goods. In fact, most consumers are so turned off by damaged products on store shelves that they will not even consider buying products from the same retailer again. Similarly, retailers who ship products have unhappy customers if they open their purchasers and find damaged contents.

Of course, packaging that over-protects products has its risks as well because one of the biggest consumer complaints is how difficult it can be to open some packages. Another consumer complaint about packaging is that too much material is used. How many consumers like seeing packing peanuts or broken Styrofoam on their floor after they’ve opened a shipment? And why send a cellphone battery in a box that’s large enough to hold a pair of shoes?  According to “The Rap on Overwrapping,” an article appearing in “Consumer Reports,” companies often look for larger packaging materials in order to hold a greater number of goods at one time.  It is important to consider, however, that not all consumers will like having products smashing against one another in a box.

To many consumers, these examples of “over-packaging” equates to waste. For the consumers who favor environmentally friendly packaging (their numbers are growing!) this is not a business or environmental decision that makes them happy. They want to keep as many packaging materials out of landfills as possible. Utilizing eco-friendly and recycled materials in the packaging process can make far more happy customers!  Smaller packages also cut down on costs because they allow delivery trucks to carry more products and, therefore, make fewer trips.

What is the moral of the story here?  Product packaging is a tricky process, and one that should not be taken lightly by businesses.  Just because a customer has purchased your product, the process of satisfying that consumer is NOT over yet!  There must be a balance between keeping packages eco-friendly and small, while also being protective of the product.  Achieving this optimal balance in your packaging designs will undoubtedly result in satisfied customers who will turn into repeat business in the future.  Sounds good, doesn’t it?

If you need help getting started with your packaging design, contact us today.  We offer consultations and full product packaging services as well.  We know how to keep consumers happy and coming back for more, so don’t miss out on these great recurring revenue opportunities.