Retail Packaging: What Consumers are Looking For

As a marketer, you’d always like to think that your campaign is in the bag, so to speak. In reality, that bag may be the single most important part of your entire campaign. You see, branding isn’t rooted in a logo alone. It’s not even necessarily built on the products or services you offer to your consumers. In truth, people like to touch and feel a business long before they commit to being loyal to a brand.


This is where retail packaging comes into play.


Packaging is a major component of consumer behavior, and, whether we like it or not, we all fall prey to pretty objects that attract our interests.


Here are a few key things that today’s consumers are looking for when it comes to awesome retail packaging:



Consumers enjoy being entertained. Evoking engagement from an audience of buyers is achievable when you utilize packaging that has a clever quirk that the buyers can interact with. Interactive packaging stretches marketing dollars by creating experiences consumers remember.


Ease of Use

The less tools and effort involved with opening and storing items, the better. We live in an on-the-move culture, which means anything that makes packaging more convenient will be a winner. Things that squeeze easily and reseal readily are front-runners on store shelves. Pour spouts, tear notches, and self-portioning dispensers are top choices of today’s consumer, too.



Today’s shoppers are savvy when it comes to space-saving storage containers that fortify the freshness of their foods. Flexible packaging has become the container of choice for many consumers because it only takes up as much space as the product it is holding, thus eliminating bulky boxes that can make storage cumbersome in space-challenged areas. Flexible packaging also delivers freshness that other options often can’t offer. Resealable bags and high-quality materials lengthen the overall shelf life of foods that would otherwise become stale without the extra layers of protection that flexible packaging provides.



Green was once a color, but it’s now a way of life for many Americans. Many homes’ mantras include the three Rs: Reduce, reuse, and recycle. With a heavy awareness of carbon footprints and environmental impacts, consumers are seeking out packaging that respects the planet as much as they do. Material that’s made from recycled products, or that can easily be recycled after use, will likely affect many consumers’ buying decisions if all else is equal.


Not sure where to go with your packaging plans? It might be time to call in the experts. Our team of packaging professionals will happily help guide you from inception to completion of your ideas so you get the most bang for your marketing buck. Envision success by contacting our EnVision Packaging pros today!