The Relationship between Packaging and your Brand

Just like people strive to make a good impression during the first day of a new job or a job interview, so is the case with a product or service from a given company. Even without opening what is inside the pack, the consumer should be impressed, pleased and satisfied with the package. At times what is inside may not meet their expectation, but since the mind developed a liking for the product from the pack itself, the clients are satisfied. Packaging is also a form of advertisement, which should be well thought of to create a lasting brand awareness. That is putting in mind that, first impressions last. To create good customer loyalty and make your brand popular, the packaging should achieve the following metrics;

Be simple

Although a pack should stand out, it should not be too complicated. The simpler the better. It should be easy even for a child to unpack the product inside. The more difficult it is to unpack, the more turned off your customers become. A very complicated package may make the customer strain to open it and may end up destroying or damaging the content inside. Simplicity in regards to how it should be unpackaged is thus very important. Simplicity should also be considered more so when it comes to details, let the details be few and unique so that the brain doesn’t have to process so many images or words when trying to remember your package, the more you strain the targeted customers, the more your brand loses popularity.

The package should uniquely stand out

It is no enough to keep up with what your competitors are doing; there is need to stand out. Find a way of creating a long lasting appeal that gets the attention of the customers. Make sure your packaging brings out some emotions like fear, excitement, and anxiety. Let your packaging make people eager to open the product and see what is inside. One of the most commonly used techniques is the use of cusps that always demand the attention of intended target.

Make the customer feel valued or emotionally connected to your brand

Proper packaging makes the customer understand that the brand cares about his or her expectations. By packing a piece of cloth very well in a protective cover, the customer feels valued. Establishing this kind of feeling makes the customer emotionally attached to your brand.


Eco-friendly, or sustainable, the packaging is usually made from recyclable material. An immediate plus from utilizing eco-friendly packaging is a positive brand image. If consumers see that you are using recycled materials, it can immediately put your packaging in higher regards. This type of packaging is also extremely versatile. Just because you are using recycled materials does not mean you are limited to the type of packaging you can use. Lastly, it is simply better for the

environment. This is probably the most obvious benefit from eco-friendly packaging but stands true.

By incorporating these small tips into your packaging, your brand will thank you and your consumers are sure to remember you.