Fall Trends in Clear Plastic Folding Cartons and Packaging

Check out some of the major trends in Clear Plastic Folding Cartons and Packaging for consumer goods!



One of the things we’ve learned in 2015 from consumers is that transparency matters. Both in what we say and in how we package household items, the seasoned shoppers want to not only read on the label exactly what’s inside the box, but they want to see inside for themselves. Now more than ever, transparency plays an important part in how consumer goods are packaged and which products are chosen. As we lead into the 4th quarter of 2015, that trend for clear plastic folding cartons and packaging only grows stronger. And with the holidays beating down on us, everyone wants to get their fair share of the spending dollars.



In 2015, it’s not enough to be using clear plastic packaging materials that don’t add to our carbon footprint. Look for increased use of plant based plastics, or bio-plastics and recycled materials. Customers today are putting their money where their mouths are choosing packaging that uses sustainable materials. In a study carried out by Asia Pulp & Paper, it was shown that some 56% of buyers in America would prefer to buy more products that have the most sustainable packaging. Give the buyers what they want by clearly labeling if the materials are FSC compliant and if they are recyclable.



In addition to creating packaging solutions that are transparent, the consumers of autumn will 2015 pay attention to creative packaging solutions that make their lives easier. Why not? Why should a consumer buy one product with the type of rigid plastic packaging that will be hard to carry home, difficult to open and bulky to dispose of if there is a better option available? More than ever before, consumers in 2015 want lightweight packaging that will be smaller, not too heavy and easy to dispose of or repurpose. This fall, it’s all about convenience. Add another sparkle to the product’s appeal by marketing it in a clear plastic folding carton or package.


Ease of use

In the food and beverage market, autumn packaging trends are expected to be earth-friendly, simple and have some personality. For instance, more than just simple products, unique packaging represents a lifestyle. Packaging now incorporates lifestyle changes that include people eating on the go, that are easy to hang on to, open with one hand and reseal to save for later. As part of what’s claimed to be the “selfie generation,” consumers understand that at any moment they could be in a photograph and want to be shown carrying food and beverages that fit their lifestyle and ecological awareness.


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