Product Packaging: Safety and Appearance

How a product is packaged not only ensures it is protected, but also acts as a piece of advertisement, encouraging consumers to buy the product. There are many different ways to package items, keeping them secure while remaining visually appealing and attracting the attention of shoppers. Here are some tips to help keep your products secure, while still making a great first impression.


Keeping your products safe during shipping and while on the shelf should be a number one priority. Ensuring your product is safe will reduce the amount of loss and waste from stolen, damaged and broken merchandise. Use plenty of internal packing materials, such as paper, foam and cardboard inserts to prevent product from shifting inside its packaging.

Use a plastic that can be molded around the product and secured on a cardboard backing. This method works best with smaller, single items and can help prevent damage from moisture.
Insert a small security chip underneath the packaging to discourage shoplifting. Also consider using packages that are not easy to open and too large to place in a pocket, under a shirt or in a purse or bag.


You can still make your product’s packaging visually appealing, while using some of the above packaging methods to keep your products safe and secure. Make your products packaging look like no one else’s on the shelf, by using a logo and company-specific color. The packaging alone can make your product stand out, attracting consumers. Consider the buyer’s preferences. For example, use recycled materials to attract those who are interested in saving the environment. A consumer may pass your product by and purchase a competitor’s product just because they are using recycled materials for the packaging.

Make the product visible. Most consumers like to know what they are purchasing. Using clear packaging and making the product visible without opening it will help increase exposure. If the product is too large to keep protected when using a clear, plastic packaging, consider putting a photo of the product on the outside of the box. This graphic should take up the entire box and be seen from at least three sides and the top of the box, so it can be seen not matter who it is placed on the shelf.


How you choose to package your product will help ensure the safety of it, while keeping it visually appealing for consumers to be attracted to. Try to keep your packaging minimal while allowing for it to stimulate the consumer’s senses.