Product Packaging For Small Fulfillment Companies

The daily hustle and bustle of a small fulfillment company often stretches the few existing workers’ time, resources, and attention thin across their day to day operations. It’s easy to lose track of the most important aspects of what sets a fulfillment company apart from its competitors; your unique packaging will be seen not only by your clients, but by hundreds to thousands of customers who require security and respond to creativity.

The Sacredness of Security:

Rarely do clients or their customers realize the distribution complexities that small fulfillment companies battle each day. Secure packing is an expectation… NOT an option.

Unsecured packaging may result in anything from minor aesthetical issues to full product breakage. No matter the result, any negative impact will be noticed by a client’s customers, and as the complaints stack up your client may reconsider their choice of a fulfillment company. Higher return rates also may mean lower profits depending on your client agreement. While cutting corners may at first seem appealing, investments of time and resources into assuring all packages are appropriately secured are investments into your own companies’ profits and reputation.

The Benefits of Branding:

A small fulfillment company’s branding is their calling card, both to clients and their customers. Your packaging has the largest single impact for how your brand is received, and creative packaging can mean the difference between bankruptcy and exponential growth.

The way a package looks is the first impression of a product; a Harvard research study has calculated that first impressions from within the first five seconds of initial contact, and require eight or more additional encounters to overcome. Poor first impressions are not only noticed on the receiving end – resulting in less return business to clients and less work for you – but also directly by clients, who are sure to notice slipping creative standards.

Highly creative packaging, however, is sure to catch some attention. Not only will customers perceive greater value and satisfaction upon arrival, but clients are sure to remember – and potentially reward – exceptionally creative packaging, and are more likely to give future business to any fulfillment company that stands above the industry average.

For any small fulfillment company, secure and creative packaging must be a priority – in doing so, one is setting themselves up for success.