Premium Packaging: 5 Tips to Make Your Designs Stand Out in 2017

Packaging is essential to the successful marketing of a product. A unique, memorable package will spur consumers’ interest, convincing them to make a purchase. To get the most out of your designs this year, make sure to:


Strive for Simplicity

Many assume that including complex designs on a package’s surface will help consumers remember it, but anything elaborate is likely to confuse them. Instead, rely on simple, easily, and identifiable images that convey what your product is. If your packaging contains product descriptions, use as few words as possible to send the message. The simpler the design, the more likely customers are to remember it.


Take Touch into Account

Effective packaging isn’t just about appearance. In addition to the way your package looks, customers will also remember how it feels, and different materials lead to different levels of sensory experience. If you are selling drinks, for example, consider the difference between metal cans and paper or plastic cartons. When holding a metal can, customers will feel the cold beverage inside, giving them an immediate idea of how it will feel to drink it. A package that appeals to multiple senses will have a more enduring effect on customers, making them more likely to choose your product.


Attach Aromas

In addition to the sense of touch, scent is also a powerful tool to make your product stand out. With the help of thermoplastic elastomers, or TPEs, you can make packaging materials smell like the product they have inside. This is particularly effective for packaging foods, lotions, fragrances, and other products with distinct, pleasant smells.


Seek Sustainability

Consumers will pay more for a product from a company that demonstrates a commitment to the environment, and what better way to show your commitment than with sustainable packaging? Choose recyclable or compostable materials to make your packages, and incorporate the labels into the broader design. If your package has a “recyclable” sign on it, for example, place that sign in a prominent place and have all the other images on the package lead into it. This will call attention to your commitment to saving the planet.


Opt for Originality

Pay attention to the packages that your competitors use, and identify some feature that they all have in common. Then, do something different than that to stand out. For example, if all your competitors’ packages contain photos of their product, use a drawing of yours. This will make it easy for consumers to distinguish and remember your product amid a sea of alternatives.


EnVision Packaging is committed to finding unique, effective ways to make your products stand out. For more information, check out our packaging services today.