Packaging Trends for Summer 2016

There is a parallel path between businesses trying to engage consumers on a more personal level and consumer expectations for packaging to deliver that experience. When it comes to digital printing, the key themes that will resonate with most consumers this year are right-sized packaging that meet consumer needs, packaging that offers functional and environmental benefits, and clean-label messaging that enhances brand visibility. Outlined below are the key packaging trends that will rule in summer 2016.


Digital Evolution

Digital printing is grabbing the attention of brands by creating printing opportunities that engage consumers on a more personal and emotional level. This summer, digital printing will go a notch higher as brands aim to use it for more than just limited personalization and editions. Most brands aim to capitalize on its speed-to-market and economic advantages for package decoration.


Show Me the Goods

As the number of on-pack incentives competing for consumer attention increases, consumers now demand more information about what they are buying. As such, most consumers now seek less on-pack cluster that often confuses their decisions to purchase a product. Expect the concept of clean labeling and clear on-pack communication to take center stage.


Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging is no longer considered a tradeoff. This summer, truly innovative brands will be keen to use flexible and rigid hybrids that offer both environmental and functional benefits, as well as long shelf life presence.


Geometric Patterns

The packaging industry is constantly changing designs and patterns based on influential fashion, trends, and global events. This summer, expect to see bold and punchy designs where geometric patterns will take center stage. Repeat patterns made up of vibrant colors and different shapes are eye-catchy to attract customers. Geometric patterns can be colorful and crazy, or chic and minimalist, depending on what you want to achieve.


Consumer Engagement in Packaging

Consumer engagement is a vital brand strategy to increase sales. Using digital print in packaging has enabled brands to feature consumer feedback on their packaging. For instance, QR codes have been used for years to try to encourage people to engage with businesses.


Packaging is no longer a throw away item like it used to be in the past. It has remained an interaction tool through which brands seek to attract and retain customers in a bid to beat the competition.