Packaging Trends and Inspiration for Spring 2014

Packaging is so much more than simply fitting a product or material into a container. Everything printed and placed on the packaging is just as, if not more, important. While there are changes in the design of the container, the product information and how it is displayed often changes the most. The evolution of packaging over the last year has altered the way products are packaged, and the process of doing so.  But some of the latest packaging trends for spring 2014 include the package’s labeling and how potential customers see the product information.


Freehand fonts are all the rage right now in packaging. These custom fonts give off the appearance of someone handwriting the information on the package. It also can provide an almost organic look, instead of the flat, traditional typography used by most other companies. It also makes the brand look like a smaller, local company, which can help generate business. The freehand font has gained in popularity over the last few quarters and now, moving into spring 2014, it is trending significantly.


It’s crucial to understand who your audience and customers are.  There are many trends within subgroups of people today that allude to potential packaging goldmines.  More and more people are discovering the power of online shopping every day, including older generations, hipsters, and folks who just plain and simple are not good with technology.  Having these different and elder generations of people ordering products brings about a whole new potential for product packaging design.  Try bringing in the past and merging it with the present in your designs.  Incorporate a “vintage” feel into your labeling and packaging designs to appeal to the older generations and keep them coming back for more.  By basing designs off of those found in the 1950s or even earlier, it is possible to produce a retro or hipster inspired package that’s both cool and trendy for spring, 2014.

Graphic Display

With a graphic display, the product found inside of the package is somehow integrated into the appearance on the package. If a bear is the logo for a honey-based food product, the package might show off a bear with an open mouth, and the opening contains a clear containment field, so a consumer can see the product inside.  This could be the food product inside of the bear’s mouth. Graphically displaying the product on the outer packaging can help to make your product stand out in the market and keep your consumers satisfied from opening the package to consumption.


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