Color swatch

One of the advantages of working with EnVision Packaging is the variety of substrates we can offer you for your package.  However, we take it one step further by matching the right material to your project so you are getting a great look at a great price.  Plus, EnVision Packaging has several “Green” options that can tell a sustainable story right on the package with little to no cost impact.  The chart below gives some detail of our standard list of materials, but we have many more substrates that can be used with your packaging application.



Recycle Symbol

Green Alternative

Biodegradable Colors
APET Amorphous Polyethylene Terephthalate  pet RPETRecycled PET


Transparent Clear
HDPE Polyethylene  HDPE 2nd Genesis Reclaimed PE Milk Jug Material Yes, when produced with an additive in the material Whites & Opaque Colors
PP Polypropylene  PP


Yes, when produced with an additive in the material Clears, Frosts & Tints
SBS Solid Bleached Sulfate  recycle-symbol


Yes, inherit to the product Whites
Other Plastic Substrates: PET, PETG, GAG, PVC
Other Paper Substrates: Foil board, CCNB, CCKB
HDPE & PP are produced at EnVision facility