Along with the packaging products that EnVision offers, it also provides comprehensive services to fulfill or enhance your packaging projects.  EnVision Packaging has the resources to provide the product and creative graphics needed to complete your package just the way you imagined it.

How does it work?

  1. EnVision will review your product or existing design to see how it can be implemented into a package.  All parameters of the project are discussed with you including: (a) material choice, (b) design requirements, (c) graphic options, (d) market presence, (e) lead time demands and (f) package fulfillment requirements.
  2. Packaging engineers develop an original 3D virtual design and/or a CAD structural prototype for you to review.
  3. Final graphics are reviewed closely and prepared by an EnVision in-house team.
  4. A final estimate is supplied and a production schedule established.
  5. EnVision Packaging’s quality-conscious manufacturing facility produces your new package, on time, and with great results