• Innovative Product Design and Creative Graphics

    Design Engineering

    We can assist with those innovative prototype developments through our Design Engineers who are responsible for creating custom products to fit your exact needs.  Our Product Engineering staff can take your product concepts and develop them into a working design to be completed in our manufacturing facility.  With our state-of-the-art CAD software we have the ability to show a design via a PDF or Video of a raw structural design without graphics or with graphics in 3D animation with a 360-degree view.  For those unique custom designs, we can provide a computer aided design (CAD) sample that will provide visual inspection of your creative idea.

    Full Digital Art Prepress and Graphic Design

    Graphic presentation is critical for your packaging products.  We are prepared to take the graphic designs provided by you or create it for you.

  • Putting It All Together

    Along with the packaging products that EnVision offers, it also provides comprehensive services to fulfill or enhance your packaging projects.  EnVision Packaging has the resources to provide the product and creative graphics needed to complete your package just the way you imagined it.

    How does it work?

    1. EnVision will review your product or existing design to see how it can be implemented into a package.  All parameters of the project are discussed with you including: (a) material choice, (b) design requirements, (c) graphic options, (d) market presence, (e) lead time demands and (f) package fulfillment requirements.
    2. Packaging engineers develop an original 3D virtual design and/or a CAD structural prototype for you to review.
    3. Final graphics are reviewed closely and prepared by an EnVision in-house team.
    4. A final estimate is supplied and a production schedule established.
    5. EnVision Packaging’s quality-conscious manufacturing facility produces your new package, on time, and with great results
  • Starts with the Right Material

    Color swatch

    One of the advantages of working with EnVision Packaging is the variety of substrates we can offer you for your package.  However, we take it one step further by matching the right material to your project so you are getting a great look at a great price.  Plus, EnVision Packaging has several “Green” options that can tell a sustainable story right on the package with little to no cost impact.  The chart below gives some detail of our standard list of materials, but we have many more substrates that can be used with your packaging application.



    Recycle Symbol

    Green Alternative

    Biodegradable Colors
    APETAmorphous Polyethylene Terephthalate  pet RPETRecycled PET


    Transparent Clear
     HDPE 2nd GenesisReclaimed PE Milk Jug Material YesWhen produced with an additive in the material Whites & Opaque colors


    YesWhen produced with an additive in the material Clears, Frosts & Tints
    SBSSolid Bleached Sulfate  recycle-symbol


    YesInherit to the product Whites
    Other Plastic Substrates: PET, PETG, GAG, PVC
    Other Paper Substrates: Foil board, CCNB, CCKB
    HDPE & PP are produced at EnVision facility
  • Manufacturing Capabilities


    EnVA print machine minderision Packaging has numerous capabilities and equipment, all under one roof, at your disposal which gives you options to create the right package.  Our packaging equipment is state-of-the-art with the latest in technology that meet the demands of the market place.

    Prepress Capabilities Printing Capabilities
    • Full in house prepress with the latest workflow and plate making equipment.
    • Proofing systems for comps and contract proofs.
    • In house screen making, ink mixing and matching.
    • Offset – 7 print colors + coating (UV & IR) 23.875” x 29.5” Sheet Fed
    • Offset – 4 process colors + coating (UV) 14” x 20.125” Sheet Fed
    • Screening – 1 & 4 color presses (UV)30” x 46” Sheet Fed
    Converting Capabilities Decorating Options
    • Die Cutting High-speed automatics & clam shells
    • Folder-Gluer (Plastics & SBS)
      Straight line
      Auto bottom
      6 corner trays
    • Debossing / Embossing
    • Specialty Inks
    • Lenticular – 3D Effects & Motion
    • Specialty Coatings
    • Foil stamping
    Additional Capabilities Extrusion
    • Sonic welding (RF) (plastic)
    • Heat-sealed pocketing (plastic)
    • Assembly of handles & closures
    • Collating
    • Fulfillment
    • Produces Polyethylene (opaques) & Polypropylene (clear, frost & tints)
      – UV graphic-quality sheet
      – Numerous thicknesses & finishes
      – Recyclable