Packaging and Millennials – What Really Works

Getting your product on the market and appealing to millennials is not always challenging with the right strategies in mind. Understanding the wants and needs of the generation is a key factor in determining the probability of success for your business and brand, regardless of the industry you are working in. Knowing what really works prior to shipping products off to stores or offering them to potential customers online is a way for you to truly develop your brand into a company millennials resonate with and support.

Going Digital

One of the biggest ways to turn potential millennials away from your business and brand is to avoid going digital with your marketing strategy and packaging plans. Integrating everything from QR codes to scan to online contests and giveaways helps draw in and attract the generation to learn more about what your company has to offer.

Self-Oriented Products and Packaging

Millennials are known for being a bit “self-oriented”. They enjoy living their lives to the fullest, exploring the world, meeting new friends, and taking on careers that are not only stable but also enjoyable and fulfilling. Building a brand around happiness and satisfaction is another method of attracting the generation to your products while showcasing why your items are worth your consumers’ time and money.

Go Green

A major way to get into the marketing world of millennials is to “go green” when developing the right marketing and packaging strategy for your products. Utilizing sustainable packaging and recyclable material is highly advisable, as millennials are known for being more conscious of their carbon footprints and their surrounding environments. When caring about the environment while promoting your products it is much more likely to receive support and backing from the younger age group.

Remain Relevant With Social Media

Garnering respect from prospective millennial shoppers is best done with the use of social media–especially due to the influx of advertising and marketing opportunities available on the most popular platforms today. Incorporating Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Snapchat into your marketing methods when promoting packaging for your items can provide an online platform to share vibrant, colorful, and appealing awareness to potential consumers and loyal followers. Social media is a “must have” tool when promoting new posters of product packaging to gauge the effectiveness of your appeal without overspending on actual packaging for one single order that may not work for your prospective customers.

Taking the time to become familiar with the latest millennial trends and product successes in your industry is a surefire way to stay ahead of the potential competition while creating a successful platform for your products and brand. With the right integration of packaging and marketing, reaching millennials can quickly be accomplished, even if you are in the process of launching your very first start-up!