Packaging Fails: What NOT to Do with Your Retail Packaging

The design of your retail packaging can make the difference between sparking the interest of customers or failing to catch their eye. The wrong retail packaging design can also have a negative effect on customers and discourage them from purchasing your products. When you work on designing your packaging, avoid making the following mistakes.

Going Overboard with Graphics and Fonts

Creating the ideal design for your retail packaging involves striking the right balance between eye-catching graphics and fonts without going overboard. While you want customers to take immediate notice of your packaging, using fonts or graphics that are too vivid or too elaborate can end up turning them away instead. Instead of going for the most visually stimulating designs available, choose graphics and fonts that are visually interesting while also being easy to read.

Playing it Safe

Packaging design can also go to the other extreme and be too bland or indistinctive to make an impression. You might be tempted to keep your retail packaging safe for the sake of simplicity, but doing so means that customers aren’t likely to take notice of your products. Instead, they’ll blend in with the competition on store shelves. In order to increase the likelihood of having customers notice your products, it’s important to come up with a design that stands out from the competition. This can be as simple as using a different color scheme or adding one or two visual elements that set your products apart from the rest.

Choosing the Wrong Label Size

The size of your product’s labeling should be large enough so you have room for important information, but it shouldn’t cover the whole package. While having a label that’s smaller can help you save on printing costs and might seem more aesthetically appealing, you can end up having to either leave out information or have it printed in a tiny font that’s hard to read. Having a label that covers all or most of your package gives you plenty of room for information, but it can also give your product an unappealing look, depending on other design elements you use. Overly large labels will also cost you more. Make sure you select a label size that’s ideal for your packaging.

Ignoring Your Target Audience

One of the most effective ways to attract customers’ attention is by using a packaging design that directly appeals to your target audience. Whether you have products that are seasonal or products that are intended for certain age groups, make sure you know who your target audience is when designing your packaging. As you come up with design ideas, incorporate elements that members of this audience can connect with.

No matter what type of product you sell, there’s an ideal packaging design for it. The trick is determining what this design is to ensure that your products make a favorable impression on customers. Consider relying on packaging professionals to help you out with the design process.