outerwear-borderOne outfit does not fit all occasions.  You need the right clothing to match the event or activity.  Clothes not only reflect the occasion, but also manifest your personality.  The outside package for your product is no different!

EnVision Packaging understands that the right package is needed to reflect its contents.  We know that the “outerwear” for your product needs to communicate your brand and not conflict with product messaging.

Our sales staff and packaging engineers want to assist you in developing the right package and a successful packaging solution creates a “complete” solution that enhances the value of your communication efforts.  EnVision Packaging helps you sort through the options and delivers “outerwear” that reflects and enhances the image of your product and company.  Here are some helpful questions as you think through your next “outerwear” choice.

  1. What are the dimensions of the proposed package?
  2. What is the weight of the contents?
  3. Are contents needed to design your package?
  4. Are the items fragile?
  5. Would you like to see the contents through the package?
  6. Do you want your package to be printed?
  7. Do you want an opening in the Top, Bottom or Both
  8. Do you want to reinvigorate your product/brand with a new package? If yes, what do you want to communicate to the user?
  9. Do you have a new product that needs “outerwear”? If yes, what image do you want reflect about your product?
  10. Do you want your package to reflect an environmental message?
  11. Are you test marketing this product or are you wanting to refresh the brand regularly?  If yes, what are you anticipated quantities?