How Poor Product Packaging Can Hurt You

Regardless of the type of product you are packaging, the quality and design of that packaging must be a top priority. While cost is certainly a factor, it can’t be put above quality.

How Much Can it Hurt?

It may be tempting to go with cheaper, less attractive packaging in order to cut costs, after all, you pass that discount on to your customers, right? When it comes down to it, customers will not tolerate packaging that results in damaged product, or packaging that doesn’t reflect the image that is consistent with the product inside.

The consequences of poor product packaging are severe. In the short term, you may save money and gain deeper profits, but this will be short-lived. The first thing that is likely to happen is a ton of returned product. Poor quality packaging results in damage, and you will have to eat those costs. This will offset any savings you may have created for yourself by going with cheaper packaging.

Although packaging that looks good is important, product security should be your number one priority. Customers will not tolerate repeated product damage due to faulty packaging for long. They can’t afford it and neither can you. Secure packaging can be more expensive, but this cost is worth it, and your business depends on your ability to deliver.

The Cost of a Bad Reputation

The next consequence is even bigger, and will have a huge impact on your business beyond cost: Reputation.

Cheap, ineffective packaging with poor or lackluster design will disappoint customers. These customers will go searching elsewhere, even if it costs them a bit more. Not only that, but through word of mouth, customer dissatisfaction with your packaging will hurt your business. You will lose current customers and new customers will become less frequent. Cutting corners simply doesn’t work.

Clean, attractive packaging that performs well is what satisfies customers. Providing this consistently is what creates your reputation and builds your own brand. When your business has a reputation for quality, your bottom line will increase, and so will customer loyalty.