How Often Should You Change Your Retail Packaging Design?

When it comes to retail packaging, it’s important to stay consistent with your design so your consumers can spot you easily and recognize your brand. However, there are several times when it is a good idea to change up your retail package design. But how do you know how often is too often?


When to Change Up Your Retail Packaging Design


Holiday Packaging

As a company, you may come across different times when it’s prudent to change up your packaging. For instance, as the holidays approach, your customers may be more receptive to a festive, or wintry packaging theme. The Holiday Spirit is real, and your customers may appreciate a packaging design that reflects that time of year. Additionally, packing your product in a more festive packaging may make the product more appropriate to be gifted, which could in turn boost sales.


A Change in Values

If your company has adopted a greener approach to business, you’ll want to adjust your packaging to align with it. Opting for recycled or more sustainable packaging materials may situate your product and company in a new market, as it would be a more desirable choice for consumers who are interested in reducing their carbon footprint.


Does your company sponsor any major events or partner with any organizations that would be beneficial to point out to your consumers? Altering your packaging to reflect the charitable organizations you partner with may be a great way to boost your public opinion, and in turn boost sales.


Keeping Up With the Times

There’s something to be said for classic packaging. Take a look at some of the major brands and you’ll see that for them, consistency is key. This doesn’t ring true for everyone, though. If you find that your design is outdated (and not in a fun, retro way), then you may want to consider updating your packaging to have more modern features. Just remember not to stray too far from your original look, or your consumers may not recognize your brand.


It Blends in Too Easily

When you walk through a supermarket, take note of all of the different brands of each specific item. Looking for detergent or dog food? There are tons of options from which to choose, and oftentimes, the product with the loudest packaging wins. That doesn’t necessarily mean you should go all out with bold designs and 3D text, but give your product the chance to stand out among the crowd. This type of change could be a simple one such cleaning up your design a bit to make it easier to read and spot amongst competitors, or it could be a more drastic one featuring a complete new layout.


How Often is Too Often to Change Your Retail Packaging Design?


There is no standard number for how often you should change up your retail packaging design, but consider the issue from a consumer’s standpoint: If the packaging is constantly changing and you’re having to work to find it each time you go to the store, it may not be worth the effort and you may switch to another brand. Keep your messaging consistent throughout your packaging designs and leverage change only when necessary or beneficial for your brand.