Gearing Your Packaging Toward Different Markets

Creating a product that will please everyone is difficult, if not impossible, to do.  Nevertheless, any business should try to satisfy more than one target audience if possible.  The more similar the groups of people you serve, the more likely you will succeed in selling your products.  There are a few clever ways to create a multiple-audience marketing strategy to get your desired sales results.

Carry Different Versions

If you take a look at grocery shelves these days, you will notice almost immediately that more and more merchandise is sold in different versions.  Oats have different flavors.  Canned goods have regular and light varieties.  Shampoo and soap products have feminine and masculine versions, which are subdivided into further selections.  Face creams are now classified for people in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and above.  Essentially, each of these products and their respective assortments carry the same basic ingredients.  With a few tweaks here and there, new versions are created.  As a result, companies are able to obtain a broader reach to a wider audience.

Introduce a New “Usage Occasion”

This term may seem like deep marketing talk, but it basically means to explore different packaging sizes.  For example, instead of selling your powdered juice drinks exclusively in large packs, start putting single-serve pouches on the market.  These smaller packets will help you tap into the on-the-go market because consumers get to bring your product with them when they go to work or on holiday.  Basically, you are creating new ways and situations in which consumers can fit your product into their lifestyles.

Have Different Packaging Types

Catch consumers’ attention by offering new forms of packaging.  For example, if your fruit juices have long been familiar to the market as bottled drinks, take advantage of the shock factor by introducing a sparkling fruity drink in a can.  Since fruit juices are often packed as part of children’s lunches at school, the canned version can be marketed as a refreshing adult beverage.

Create Limited Editions

Little else can be more enticing to consumers than limited edition items.  These items immediately shoot up in perceived value simply because of the restricted quantity of items that are made available.  Consumers love knowing they own items that few others have.  In addition, limited editions allow you to adopt more elegant packaging designs and attach higher price tags.

Create Your Ideal Packaging Image

Ultimately, the packaging you adopt for your products should represent the ideals and image of your business.  Packaging will largely depend on the product as well.  Your business can achieve more success when you make your products attractive but tasteful as well as neutral yet universally appealing.