EnVision Packaging Featured on Packworld.com

Every industry has its awards, honors and recognition’s. While journalists have the White House Correspondence Dinner and actors have the Emmys, those who toil within the packing industry find recognition from their peers in the form of industry acknowledgement within the pages of Packworld.com. Packaging World is the publication that industry leaders look to learn innovative ways to deliver packing solutions to manufacturers who are looking for packaging that puts their product at the center of attention.

Innovative Packaging Encourages Buyer Interaction

EnVision Packaging is pleased to announce that their custom made packaging solutions have been singled out by the editors of Packaging World for special notice owing to the superior quality and improved logistics that are obtained by using their clear, PET cartons to improve buyer interaction and sales. The problems associated with displaying bulky combination packs have been minimized due to the design efficiency of EnVision Packaging according to Packworld’s write-up of their products and services.

According to the review, EnVision’s all-American production team makes it easy to master the logistical headaches of displaying your wares effectively and affordably. Their tuck-in top and tuck-in bottom, clear PET carton makes displaying combo packs a marketing breeze. The time it takes a customer to make a buying decision can sometimes be measured in nanoseconds, but the proper packaging can mean the difference between being passed over and ending up on the bottom of somebody’s shopping cart. EnVision Packaging’s design concepts are helping ensure that those products ensconced within its packaging makes the cut when it comes to purchasing discions.

Delivering American Made Solutions to America’s Packaging Dilemma

EnVision Packaging, a division of Crawford Industries, which opened their doors in 1959, has been an industry leader and packaging innovator since the closing days of the Eisenhower Administration. Its founding mission is to produce the highest quality of products, using the best trained people in the industry, and leveraging the latest technology to ensure a superior end product that is working to transform the way Americans buy their products. As American manufacturers scramble to reduce their packaging footprint, as well as reducing the amount of trash filling up the nation’s landfills, they are turning to innovative packaging firms like the dedicated professionals who staff the offices and plants of Crawfordsville, Indiana-based EnVision Packaging.


To check out the full Packworld article, visit this link: http://www.packworld.com/package-type/cartons-and-boxes/clarity-quality-and-better-logistics