Current Packaging Trends for the Holiday Season

Oh, the holidays. The weather is colder, sentiments are warmer, and all around we’re surrounded by wonderful fall and winter sights. Companies take this time to release brand new goods, or limited edition seasonal versions of their current lines. It makes sense; the holidays are often the biggest source of revenue for retail. On that note, here’s some of the latest trends for product packaging this holiday season:

Go Green

We’re not just talking about those festive red and green hues, either. Many consumers are more environmentally conscious these days, and they appreciate a company that feels the same. Even the Environmental Protection Agency encourages citizens to check product packaging for recyclability. Not only is “going green” a great selling point, it’s responsible too.

Go Modern

While that classic “Rockwell Painting” vibe will always have a place in our hearts, modern graphic design is taking over packaging as an eye-catching trend this season. Simple geometric designs with deep contrast colors have been especially popular. If you’re really attached to that classic look, look into something with hand-drawn style, but modern aesthetic. Not sure what any of this means? Don’t stress. A good packaging company will offer its own in-house graphic design team.

Go Real

If you plan to use photography in your packaging or marketing, take inspiration from social sites like Instagram and Pinterest. Filters and overlays are highly popular because they give photos an “authentic” sort of ambiance. It may seem a little counterintuitive, but using photo manipulation to make photos look un-manipulated is big. In short: airbrushing is out, but flares, scratches, and stains are in.

Go DIY-esque

Some customers want the sentimental handmade look, but may lack the technical skills to actually make gifts by hand. This is where smart, organic-looking packaging comes in. A big trend is blending simple, but warm and inviting, graphics with engaging packaging. Think outside of the plain square box. The “Chinese take-out” style package is a fun alternative, as are totes (with convenient handles). Those who look for this type of packaging also appreciate recyclability.