5 Reasons Packaging Design is Worth the Investment

Designing a new package requires an investment of time and resources. The right package can boost sales and increase brand awareness. The wrong package can flatline your bottom line. In an era when store shelves and online marketplaces are full of products to choose from, the following are five reasons packaging design is worth the investment for your business.

Proper Packaging Stands Out

It is essential that your packaging stands out from the crowd when your product is placed beside hundreds of others. You have mere moments to grab consumers’ attention as they walk the aisles. A package that is visible is a package that is noticed, and that is the first step to making the sale.

Creates Brand Awareness

When consumers think of Tiffany’s, they think of teal boxes full of beautiful bobbles. Tiffany’s boxes are universally recognized as symbols of quality and excellence. The company created “Tiffany Blue” in 1845 because it stood out. Today, the color resonates with consumers around the world who associate the light blue box with the finest jewelry in the world.

Simplicity Can Pay Off

Flashy packaging isn’t always the best way to go. Apple’s packaging is sleek and straightforward. It stands out in the electronics market which is heavily dominated by darker colored packaging. The result is that consumers see it before competing products. While consumers know competing products are cheaper, the seed has been planted in their minds for an Apple purchase because their brains associate the company with reliable quality and easy to use products.

Demographics Respond Differently

Market research is essential for knowing your potential customer base. Determining their interests, preferences, and needs can help you design packaging that resonates with consumers. Taking the time to identify the right sizing to the choice of color and font is essential. If you don’t research your demographic targets, you could inadvertently turn your customers towards your competitors.

Packaging Products Properly

Whether you are selling crystal, food products, or high-end electronics, the last thing you want is for customers to open a package and discover the contents are damaged. Investing in the time to design ensures that your products will make it from factory to home without being damaged along the way.

At EnVision Packaging, we know that investing in packaging design is well-worth the effort and expenditure of resources. Doing it right from the start helps our clients establish their products and brand within the marketplace. From the color choice and the package sizing, to the fonts and the message, we design packaging that stands out as a symbol of quality and excellence in consumer minds.