5 Best Practices for Clear Plastic Folding Cartons and Packaging

StepUp_EnvisionPutting a quality product on the market is a great business approach. That said, the manner in which that product is showcased is also crucial to success. Packaging design is an important part of the process that takes a product from conception to the final sale, and should not be overlooked. The following tips outline the 5 best practices of package design, and will help take your clear plastic folding cartons and packaging to the next level of sales.


  1. Evoke a Feeling

One great way to make packaging memorable is to evoke a feeling in consumers. By designing a package that has a distinct visual theme, many current and potential customers will come to associate your product with the sentiment that the packaging suggests. This is an especially powerful approach for products that have a romantic or child care slant, as these are areas in which emotion is already a strong influence.


  1. Be Environmentally Conscious

Whenever possible, use packaging materials that are environmentally friendly. Many consumers go out of their way to make informed decisions when purchasing products, and will often choose one brand over another based on that company’s commitment to the environment. In some cases, packaging that is minimalist or can be upcycled is a great choice.


  1. Be Memorable

Even the very best packaging designs fails to deliver if the results are not memorable. When creating a packaging system, be sure to make a thorough assessment of what the competition has already come up with, while striving to design packaging that stands out from the crowd. Nothing is worse than putting in the time and effort to create a beautiful packaging presentation, only to find that a competing product already uses a similar approach.


  1. Be Effective

While considering packaging design options, never lose sight of the core purpose of product packaging, which is to protect the contents during the various phases of transport, stocking and sale. If a product’s packaging fails in those basic goals, all of the effort that went into the concept and design is lost. Take time to put out a finished product that is far more than just a pretty face.


  1. Push the Envelope

For certain products within certain markets, an effective design approach is to break existing boundaries and put out something that will make waves. Being on the cutting edge of packaging design can come in the form of an innovative package shape, a provoking message or an unusual take on existing designs. This is an area in which a degree of care is required in order to accurately “read” one’s target market and to understand where the current boundaries lie.


With the right degree of attention and effort, companies can create a packaging design that places their product in the best possible light. Taking advantage of the tips given above is a great way to start, but it is also important to understand that packaging design is by nature a very individualistic matter. Above all else, strive for a finished product that is right for the product within.


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