3 Ways to Spruce Up Your Retail Packaging for Spring

Your product’s retail packaging has a huge influence on how well the product sells or doesn’t sell. If it doesn’t catch a consumer’s eye, or the consumer can’t tell what the product is, they are less likely to buy it. And in order to keep things fresh, you want to change your packaging to fit the season. This keeps consumers from getting bored and overlooking your plain packaging, and also reminds them that they can use your product during the current season. Here are a few of the ways you can get creative with your retail packaging this spring season.


Place Bright, Springtime Graphics on Your Packaging


One of the easiest ways to update your packaging for spring is to add springtime graphics to the packaging. You want these graphics to stand out, so be sure to use bold or bright colors when integrating them into the design. Some popular graphics for spring include umbrellas with rain, flowers, Easter eggs, and the Easter bunny. Adding a fun, seasonal graphic to your packaging can remind consumers of how they can use your product in the spring. For example, a toy packaged in a spring package may remind parents that they need to pick up knick-knacks for a child’s Easter basket and this toy would be perfect. Or food packaged in spring packaging may indicate to the consumer that your product is fresh, because it’s packaged for the season.


Use Pastel Colors


Another way you can change up your retail packaging for the spring is to use spring colors for the packaging. Pastel colors, such as pink, lavender, yellow, sky blue, and mint green are very popular this time of year. If your packaging normally consists of relatively neutral colors, using a pastel color as your background color or to display your product name can liven up the packaging. This helps to catch the attention of the consumer and can increase your product sales.


Change Up the Shape of Your Packaging


The last way you can get creative with your retail packaging this spring is to change up the shape of your packaging. If your packaging is in a square box, your product isn’t going to stand out, since so many other products are in regular square boxes as well. However, if you make your packaging in the shape of a flower, a bee, or a bunny head, your product is going to stand out. Getting creative with the shape of the packaging is one of the more unique ways to help get your product noticed and differentiate it from the competition.


As consumers shop store aisles, the products with creative packaging typically catch their eye first. They are more likely to pick these products up and potentially buy them. As such, it is important that your product’s packaging catches their eye. Using pastel colors, changing up the shape of the packaging, and integrating spring graphics are all great ways to integrate the spring season into eye-catching retail packaging.