3 Ways to Make Your Retail Packaging Interactive with Consumers


The design of your retail packaging can make or break sales of your items. If it doesn’t catch the consumer’s eye, odds are, they aren’t going to see it and purchase it. When designing your packaging, there are many factors to consider. However, one important factor you may want to incorporate into the design is an interactive feature. Any time you can get the consumer to pick up your product, you increase the odds of them placing it in their cart. Here are three interactive features you may want to include in your retail packaging design.


Touch and Feel


One of the interactive features you can include on your retail packaging is a touch and feel element. You may want consumers to touch your product and feel what sets it apart from others. Maybe it is exceptionally soft, maybe it is thick and durable, or maybe it is flexible. Regardless, a touch and feel feature entices the consumer to pick up and touch your product. This may be the push they need to purchase your item, rather than a competitor’s.


Scratch and Sniff


Scratch and sniff features are very common on scented products, such as candles and soaps. This is because consumers want to see what the product smells like before they purchase it. Including a scratch and sniff feature on your scented product can make all the difference between a consumer buying your product because they love the way it smells, or them putting it back because they are weary of buying a product that they aren’t sure they will enjoy the scent of. When designing scratch and sniff retail packaging, make the scratch and sniff feature smell as authentic as possible for best results.


QR Codes


The last interactive feature you may wish to place on your retail packaging is a QR code, or other interactive smartphone features. Your retail packaging can only include a small bit of information about your product. Unfortunately, this may not always be enough to convince a consumer that they need to try your product. However, if you include a QR code or other smartphone feature, the consumer can scan the barcode with their smartphone, or visit the suggested website and learn more about the product. This may help answer any questions they have about the product or give them the incentive they need to try it out.


Interactive retail packaging can make your product more alluring to consumers. They may get the opportunity to feel, smell, or learn more about your product. With so many similar products on the market, anything you can do to set yours apart is always beneficial. Appealing to multiple senses and helping a consumer learn more about your product can make your product stand out among other similar products.